Sunday, 6 April 2014

Just scraping in ...

....with a final finish for FAL Q1 (my original list is here).

This was a mini quilt swap arranged between Samantha and myself, as we both decided we needed more mini quilts to decorate our sewing spaces! It took me a while to decide what to make, but in the end I decided on some EPP so that I could work on it while we had a weeks holiday by the beach!





I love the way it turned out, and I hope that Samantha does too! 

So I have done pretty well for my first Quarter in the FAL 2014. I made five things out of the seven I was aiming for (2 baby quilts, 2 secret swaps (the mini quilt above and the sweet pouch swap) and some commissioned pillows):

I also made a few extras that weren't on my list!

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  1. Eek! I love it. I suppose you need my address eh?! Seriously I LOVE it!!!! So spoiled :)

  2. Gorgeous mini Deborah, you have had a productive quarter !

  3. Such a lovely mini quilt!

  4. Your mini looks amazing! I love the background fabric you've used, gives it really nice texture!

  5. That is such a gorgeous mini!! Of course Samantha would love it!! You've had a great quarter with lots of wonderful finishes!!

  6. I love your latest mini! And you've done wonderfully with your list - your projects are all beautiful :)

  7. Your mini is lovely! You done really well, congrats!

  8. Congrats on all your finishes :o)

  9. Wow! I love it :) and you were very productive this quarter ... I only managed two of my list (and a few little things not on my list lol)

  10. I love have you united the wheels with the same center fabric then did the spokes in the same color! If I were doing the swap I think I would want to make one for my friend and one for me!

  11. Your swap mini is so beautiful! I love the jewel colors and the cream background.