Monday, 25 July 2016

I'm back!

I hadn't intended to take a break from blogging while we were back in Australia for six months, but there were just so many other things to do and enjoy, that sewing and blogging got put aside for a while. 

So I have a bit of catching up to do! I did manage to make three quilts during that time.

First up, were two identical baby quilts for friends who had baby boys within a month of each other. 

I always struggle to find good fabric colours for boys, apart from turquoise and orange, so was rather pleased with how these turned out. 

I even managed to find some bargain fabric for the backing and binding which matched so nicely, and since I was in Australia I gave spray basting a go. Oh my goodness, it was so easy. How I wish I could have brought some of the spray back on the aeroplane with me, but unfortunately it is highly flammable! 

I tied the quilts up with string and included instructions for washing them, so that they do actually get used. Thanks to Serena for the awesome printable labels. 

I did really struggle with the third quilt. It was for a very special friend who had quite particular ideas about what she wanted. It needed to be blue, not too girly, and symmetrical (out the window with all my modern improvised ideas!) It also needed to include a beautiful fabric which had embroidered flowers in blue all over it.

In the end I do love it, and it looks fantastic on the bed it was intended for. I think the best moment for me was finding the beautiful Sarah Jane fabric for the outside border, it tied it all together so nicely (and was a fun shopping trip with Susan). And I needed to add something to the quilt that was 'me' so I went with a polka dot binding.

As the quilt was so large I had it long-arm quilted by the lovely Carol at Sewn and Quilted in Melbourne. 

It is fun to be back, and I am gradually getting back into reading all your amazing blogs again and reconnecting with with you all.