Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My DIY Block Design by Mr. 8!

Hi! I want to tell you about the quilt block that I designed. I wanted to make a mini quilt for my big brother. I know that he likes triangles so first I drew the quilt design in my book.


Then I chose the fabrics from my Mum's scraps box. She didn't have many greens, but there was just enough! I cut squares of the fabric and ironed it onto some 'Heat and Bond' paper so that it stuck.


Then I drew triangles on the back of the paper and cut them out.


I arranged the triangles onto a white piece of fabric, and then we took the paper off the back of the triangles and ironed them so they stuck to the white fabric.


We then basted the quilt and I am now busy quilting it. I hope to have it finished soon so I can surprise my brother! But I did make some mini-mini quilts too with the left-over triangles so I can show you those. I am really excited that I have swapped these with other quilters.


I am linking up with 'My DIY Block Design' at Blossom Heart Quilts