Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Me. Lately.

I loved reading recently Ros' description of herself and her life at the moment. It was fun to feel like I was getting to know a little more about her as a person, and not just her sewing abilities.

So if you are interested this is me....

Making: Progress on learning my third language - Sunda. The local language of my part of Indonesia.

Cooking: Banana cake

Drinking: My second morning coffee. I tried to cut down to one a day but didn't succeed!

Reading: The Rosie project, and loving it. I needed a book that would make me laugh!

Wanting: An adventure.

Looking: At the huge wall going up behind our house, blocking out all the light :-(

Playing: Ticket to Ride (the board game). Well not playing right now, but it is our favourite family game!

Wasting: Far too much time on the internet, browsing all your lovely blogs!

Sewing: a secret swap mini quilt - enjoying some EPP and AMH Dowry fabric.

Wishing: that my meeting today with a friend wasn't cancelled (for the third week in a row).

Enjoying: the bright green of the rice fields as I went for a walk this morning.

Waiting: to see my family again - 10 more weeks and we travel to the UK for the first time in 4 years.

Liking: Lindt Chilli Chocolate - amazing!

Wondering: How on earth I will get quilts made for all my family with only 10 weeks to go!

Loving: my two boys - at 10 and 7 they are such a fun age.

Hoping: that my friend and her son enjoy their first ever trip to the capital city today.

Marvelling: at amazing answers to prayer and God's care for people.

Needing: a close friend who lives just round the corner.

Watching: BBC world news every evening. I love to know what is happening in the world. 

Smelling: freshly ground coffee.

Wearing: the usual - a shirt and linen pants (trousers!). The temperatures are the same here all year round.

Following: my instagram feed!

Noticing: that this is really home for us now.

Knowing: it will rain this afternoon, as it has everyday for about the last six months!

Thinking: that using the word 'blessed' to describe ourselves when we enjoy something good is not right. It equates God's blessing with worldly things - Am I more blessed that my Indonesian friends because I get to have a nice holiday and they don't? (I have used this expression in the past many times and only recently started to think about what it implies - not having a go at anyone :-))

Feeling: overwhelmed by how many emails are in my inbox.

Bookmarking: endless quilt patterns as I try to decide what quilt to make for my parents.

Opening: a package of fabric that I won on Instagram :-)

Giggling: at my youngest as he walks around the house singing 'Let it go, let it go, don't hold it back anymore'. He has memorised all the words so that he can sing along with the girls in his class!

from my recent trip to Singapore. Learning to appreciate beauty in design!


  1. so fun to get to know you a bit!! Let it Go has been sung out countless times at our house this past week in the 2 yr-9yr age group :)

  2. Ah yes "let it go" it's well known in our house too! Lovely to get to know you more :0) PS. I don't function without my second coffee in the morning.

  3. Brilliant! We've just read The Rosie Project in my book group. Don't tell anyone, but I just voted for your quilt in the Pantone challenge ;-)

  4. How nice to get to know more about you Deborah, glad to hear that I am not alone in bookmarking endless quilt patterns and wasting far too much time on the internet :)

  5. What a great blog post and you're so right it does help us get to know you better. I love hearing the parts about living in Indonesia and I can see how you're looking forward to visit to see your family after 4 years!

  6. A wall behind your house- doesn't sounds very good....but a trip to visit family the UK will be amazing. I really like your photo in the lower right corner of your mosaic.

  7. Nice to read a slice of life from round the other side of the world:-)

  8. Nice post and great pics at the end! Somehow I didn't noticed you got two boys untill now :-) and I had to laught at your wondering note :-)

  9. This is a great post--so nice to know you better! How cute your son learned the words to that song. What fabric did you win???